"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."   Luke 2:11 (KJV)

Christmastide is a joyous liturgical season. It is a season most dear to Christian hearts. It is the celebration of the birth of Christ and God's coming among us as a human being. The Christmastide season begins on Christmas Eve and ends on January 5, the eve of Epiphany on January 6.

The early Church selected December 25, the date of the winter solstice when God the Creator gives the sun an increase of natural light in northern hemispheres, as the day on which to celebrate the birth of the Jesus, the Light of the world. Jesus was born in Bethlehem which means "House of Bread." To Bethlehem at Christmas comes the Savior, who is the Bread of Life. Our forebears gave the name Christmas to the feast of our Lord's birth because they kept the Mass of Christmas, the "Christ Mass" as the heart of their celebrations.

The traditional liturgical color for this season is white or white and gold.

from the First United Methodist Church of Pryor Oklahoma

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