Hymn Play Instructions

Click on the hymn you want to hear,   then click a volume button to get the desired volume,
then the 'Play'     button to play the hymn.

It's that simple!

You'll probably have to scroll down to find the desired hymn.
List is in alphabetical order.

Click on the 'Return' button at any time to end the music and return to the Grace UMC home page.

Note: you can click on the volume buttons while the hymn is playing to select the desired volume.

This hymn list is by no means complete. I solicit your inclusion suggestions. Please send them to:   wbracing43@aol.com

There are many hymns that you remember by first line or melody. That's fine, but it doesn't help me. So my 'official' list (alphabetical order) is   https://www.hymnsite.com/abc.sht   or (numerical order)   https://www.hymnsite.com/123.sht     Please use these resources when making an inclusion(s) suggestion.

I'll TRY (no guarantees of success) to include hymns not in our hymnal.

Thank you.

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